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A Tune To Optimize Your Brain & Physiology For Every Situation

Energy Boost. On Command

The success of your workday balances on the energy you can summon to face the challenges. Start your day on the right note with an energy boost from the Energize collection.


Enhance Cognitive Function

Whether your work involves a creative process that calls for an open awareness state or beta brainwave activity for intense problem solving, the Performance Boost collection has you covered.

Performance Boost

Get More Work Done

Have a deadline coming up? Need to minimize distractions to finish a task? Select a ‘Focus’ track to help you stay on course and check off that to-do list.

Sharpen Focus 

Improve Sleep Quality

Neurotunes’ ‘Sleep Better’ tracks are engineered to help you slip effortlessly into sleep, the drug-free way.

Mental Quiscence

Stay Positively Buoyant

Feel good emotion is the secret sauce to a healthy, productive, fulfilling life. Buttress your day with a ‘Feel Good’ track to keep you positively buoyant.

Positive Emotion

Enjoy Deep Relaxation

A mindful, meditative state restores, heals, and resets your system to baseline, equipping you to cope, and effectively meet every demand on your mind and body


Here’s Why NeuroTunes Works.




Also known as brain plasticity, it’s the unique characteristic the brain to change – positively – when exposed to opportunities of neuroplasticity-based neuromodulation or in simple terms, a non-invasive brain exercise. NeuroTunes’ program  takes advantage of the “plastic” nature of the brain to modulate brainwave activity to effect the outcome you desire.


We can train our brains – just as we can train our muscles.

Research by University of Chicago’s psychologist, Dr. Joe Kamiya,

found that we can voluntarily ‘control’ or ‘exercise‘ our brainwaves to produce beneficial patterns – that leads to better cognitive functioning such as improved memory, attention, comprehension, emotional control, etc. More importantly, neuro- (brain) modulating our brain doesn’t just lead to short term functional improvements but with regular practice, results in permanent long-term transformations that reflect a ‘structural’ change.


Results that Are Measurable

The best part about neuromodulation is that areas of the brain that are inefficient can be safely and easily detected using a brain diagnostic procedure called qEEG. In addition, by doing a pre/post-training comparison of the qEEG brain scans, results can be quantified to measure the outcome of the neuromodulation.

Who Should Use NeuroTunes?

Small Business Owners

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Corporate Executives

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Business Leaders

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“I feel more motivated at work.”

Kevin, 24 years old

“I have a lot more energy during the workday”

Christy, 34 years old

“I feel like I can learn faster, better.”

Ralph, 23 years old

“I slept like a baby after just one Sleep Better session"

Katrina, 42 years old

NeuroTunes Offers A Broad Spectrum of Categories To Boost Your Performance In Any Context.


Audio tracks are engineered to conform to the highest quality and safety standards.


No harmful invasive technology is used to create NeuroTunes.


Offering only audio programs that are evidenced by scientific efficacy studies.

A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence…

Dalai Lama


How is NeuroTunes any different from other audio entrainment programs?
Most other audio entrainment programs deliver binaural beats which, among other limitations, only produce a very small cortical evoked response in the brain, and hence requires the use of headphones to be effective. In additional binaural beats are imprecise in that they do not allow targeting of a specific side of the brain.  NeuroTunes’ collection of music is professionally engineered to tune your EEG and ease your physiology into an optimal state for the specific activity or to meet the demand of the activity you’re embarking on. In addition, NeuroTunes offers a selection of ambient and background audio tracks that are designed to ‘hold’ or sustain users in their activity-based ideal state, so that they can perform at their best over a longer time period.


What're the benefits of signing up now?

In addition to the benefits of enjoying new releases on our desktop app at no extra charge, you’d be the among the first to gain access to our mobile app, launching in the the 4th quarter of 2020, and get an automatic upgrade to the “Pro Plan” as a founding member, and the privilege to access a wide range of additional features and functions on the mobile app including a digital planner, emotion gauge, and much more.


Do I need to wear headphones for NeuroTunes to work?
Headphones are optional when listening to NeuroTunes, however, they may offer a stronger effect.
Do you have a cancellation policy?

We have a “cancel anytime, no question asked” policy. You’d not be billed beyond the current billing period once your cancellation has been received. 

How would I know if NeuroTunes works for me?
NeuroTunes’ collection of music has been tried and tested on both a clinical and non-clinical population by our founding team for over a decade, with very positive outcome and feedback. That being said, ideal playback volume can vary from person to person. We encourage users to determine their listening preference and individual optimal volume settings.

“One of the first things I noticed after embarking on the program was a paradoxical calm, loose, yet alert state that’s reflected in better cognitive performance, and to my surprise, a noticeable improvement in motor coordination that’s evident when playing the piano.”

Sebastian Simand
CEO, SJ Bradford Group

“After the program, everything has changed. I am able to concentrate a lot more, I had the best sleep and it helped improve my grades.”

Oscar Utomo
PhD candidate

“My business requires me to have a high level of sustained attention, and now I can work better because my concentration has improved and I can handle distractions better. It’s been a great boost to my performance!”

Renata Stanojevic

3 Reasons You Should Get NeuroTunes Now.


Neuromodulation: The Secret Weapon of Successful People & Pro Athletes

Celebrities and entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins,
Dave Asprey, professional sports teams including Chelsea, AC Milan, all use neuromodulation as part of their training regimen to succeed at what they do best. It’s their ‘secret weapon’ that gives them an unassailable advantage.


Now Is the Time To be Resilient

A time of crisis is when you need to be at your sharpest and very best. There’s no simpler tool than NeuroTunes to help you achieve that, with its wide selection of context-specific program that regulates your mind and body to optimize your performance.


Pandemic Crisis Sale

50% Off


At less than a dime a day, there’s no better time to get NeuroTunes. We recognize that the most challenging moments offer the best opportunities to grow as a person. That’s why we’re offering this limited time offer. Seize this opportunity to positively transform your life at half the regular price.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your needs best